Year Group Started: Spring 2014

Overview: This is a 4 hour (11am - 3pm) course that goes over everything from head and shoulder positioning, hamstring, quad and glute activation, knee drive and foot strike. That is just the running part, we also discuss breathing and pacing. Running is something that we all want to do for a long time. Running is also a skill. To hone in on all facets of running is only going to make you a stronger, smarter, and safer runner. 

Regular / weekly group runs: The 2018 season for the Pose Running Seminars has four dates:

  • Sat May 19
  • Sat June 16
  • Sat July 14
  • Sat August 11

Website / Contact information: // Pat Davy - 715.514.1264 (work) 715.456.8443 (cell)